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Fun Pool GamesFor Kids 

Rubber Duck Race

Every player in this game gets their own rubber duck. The objective of the game is to be the first to get their duck to cross the finish line.
The duck cannot be touched ever in the game. The only way players can propel it forward is by splashing it or creating a forward current by pushing water toward it.
This is lots of fun as all the participants try to move their duck forward and steer it in the right direction at the same time, without being able to touch it.
Variations: Depending on the swimming skill level of the players you can either make this race stay just in the shallow end of the pool or go all the way to the deep end.

Spelling Bee
This is a game played with teams. Each team is given a word they need to spell out. They get so many seconds to get the word spelled out. The other team gets so many seconds to try and guess the word.

Points are awarded if the teams spells out the word in the alotted time and points are awarded for the other team if they guess the word.

Here's where the fun comes in. The team spelling the word has to do it with their bodies. They can either be standing in the water or floating. They will use their arms legs and any body part to form the letters.

Encourage the kids to be creative and have fun with it.

Tip: You will want to think of words in advance and make sure the number of letters in the word matches the amount of players on each team.

“Iced Tea, Lemonade”

Number of players:
3 or more

Area of the pool:
Any depth; racers can swim across the width of the pool for shorter swimming distance.

The “announcer” stays at one side of the pool and faces the “racers” who start at the opposite side of the pool.

Object of the game: To reach the other side of the pool first, tagging the announcer’s hand and guessing the correct answer.

How to play:
The announcer thinks of a movie, then states the initials of the movie title. Each racer begins to think of possible answers, and the announcer puts his arms out straight toward the racers. Any racer can say “more sugar” to get additional clues from the announcer. As soon as one of racers thinks he knows the answer, he swims quickly toward the announcer. Whoever touches the announcer’s hand first and then says the correct name of the movie is the winner. If that racer is wrong, he must swim back to the other side, and the other racers have a chance to answer. The racer who answers correctly becomes the announcer.

What makes it fun:
Some movies have the same initials while others are hard to guess; the need for additional clues and multiple attempts at guesses makes players determined to be the one to reach the other side first and finally guess correctly.


Top 10 Pool Safety Tips

1. Kids playing swimming pool games should never be left alone without adult supervision.

2. Rough play in or outside the pool should be discouraged.

3. Make sure everyone knows where the deep end is and the shallow end.

4. It is a good idea to gain an understanding of each person's swimming ability and the games should be structured accordingly.

5. Remember that everyone should be wearing sun block for protection.

6. Many flotation devices and blow-up toys are not to be relied upon as life saving equipment.

7. Do not allow diving in the shallow end of the pool.

8. Playing games in the pool is never advised for participants or supervisors if they have been drinking alcohol.

9. It is always a good idea if at least one adult supervisor knows CPR.

10. Keep an eye on children so they do not get overly tired and provide ample rest breaks between games.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is one of the most popular games that can be played in a swimming pool. It is a simple game, and can also be played by just two players.


In this game, one of the players, closes his eyes or is blindfolded. He waits till a certain count is over. 

By this time, the other players scatter around in the pool. 

After the count is over, the blindfolded player swims around and tries to tag any other player. 

He is allowed to locate the other players only by their voice. In order to guess their location, he cries 'Marco', to which all the other players reply by shouting 'Polo'. 

This continues till he is able to tag another player, who is then blindfolded and made to catch another player, and so on.

    We hope you enjoyed these fun pool games and accessory idea's !! 

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